Daily Money Management

Kevin Mitchell is part of a growing professional field known as Daily Money Management.  The mission of this field is to assist small businesses, families, estates and busy professionals with their financial requirements and needs. Kevin knows he can help clients meet their statutory requirements and achieve their financial goals while creating efficiencies and value added cost savings. He saves time and money!  Services include bill paying, checkbook balancing, filing, organizing and budgeting, as well as submitting and tracking medical insurance claims, monitoring investments and analyzing all aspects of cash management. Technology will be used whenever possible with the idea of “working smarter”.

Daily Money Managers support Accountants and Attorneys; they do not replace them.  Kevin provides cost effective assistance to streamline the process while allowing the other “Experts and Professionals” to do what they do best.  He works closely with each client’s network of professionals, including bankers and Investment Advisors to ensure that all information is shared in a timely and efficient manner. He provides referrals where necessary and appropriate.  Kevin’s service is 100% client driven; he provides each client with the assistance that their lifestyle requires.

Kevin Mitchell has been providing these services to various friends and family members for over 7 years.  During this time, he has evaluated investments, consolidated investment accounts, prepared the support necessary to file estate and personal taxes, submitted Conservatorship Returns to Probate Court, completed small business and individual tax returns, provided management consulting to maximize business/ investment profitability and created financial summaries for attorneys in trial preparation.  He is detail oriented and thorough and is guided by the belief that “money should work for money”.