• Lauren T.

    I recently moved to Atlanta and started a new commission sales position. I called Kevin to assist me with all of my accounting and bookkeeping needs. Kevin was able to get my business organized and my tax returns filed early and efficiently. He even convinced me to incorporate my business for tax purposes and liability protection.

  • Lori C.

    Kevin helped me organize and automate my personal and business financial system. He has saved me so much time and money. I recommend him for any realtor or any small business owner for that matter. His knowledge is only outdone by his patience.

  • Doug K.

    Kevin is a friend, client and referral outlet. He has proven himself to be valuable in assisting my clients achieve their desired results while helping keep overall costs down. He provides a great service.

  • Max C.

    Kevin helped me incorporate and structure my business right out of the gate. He created my accounting system and patiently helps with my tax return. During the process, he has improved my understanding of key financial practices resulting in more efficient operations and steady profits.

  • Judy M.

    After the death of my husband I was concerned that our family business would suffer. Kevin was instrumental in logging all outstanding debts/ invoices and reconciling them with our accounting system. Kevin’s thoroughness enabled us to quickly get current and stabilize the business. His consulting services were incredibly valuable at a fraction of the price of a CPA firm.